Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Reaching out into the community, even in 4-K!

I am a firm believer in reaching out to our community at all ages. If we as parents, teachers and role models teach our children to help others this will follow them in their future. As leaders we can teach even at the age of preschool about giving and how important it is. Teaching kids about charity is a valuable lesson for both you and the children. It is important that children learn at an early age to be considerate of others and to show compassion. When you educate children regarding charity, you teach them important life lessons.

Most kids can more readily relate to other children who are hurting. Involving kids in programs that help other kids may be the perfect way to instill a lifelong attitude of giving to charity. Giving back to the community in the form of food-and-clothing drives is a good way to start.

Even small children can participate in giving to charity. Ask a child to choose an item of clothing or a toy that he or she no longer uses, to donate to children that have few clothes and perhaps no toys at all. When you do your weekly grocery shopping, ask each of your children to pick out an item or two to donate to the local food pantry. Chances are someone at your own school or center can use these things.

This is why I want to take this time now to say that our class truly stepped up during the holidays to help a local family. With just a small class of sixteen students we collected all of the items pictured above. This truly brought tears to our eyes as teachers and administrators to see parents and children so happy to give. Never underestimate the power of giving back... Thank you 4-K family... We love you guys Ms. Lara and Ms. Bambi

Welcome Dr. Strange EDM 310 Students...

Tonight I received a comment from a student at the University of South Alabama in Dr. Stranges EDM 310 class. I was once a student in this same class and one of my assignments was to follow teachers of all ages and areas of study and comment on their blogs. Tonight my cell phone alerted me that we had a comment on our 4-K blog page and I must say I was excited and honored as a teacher to be recognized by a wonderful teacher as Dr. Strange. I want to welcome all of the 2012 EDM 2012 students to our class page and we welcome you all to visit and share your ideas and journeys as an education student. Teaching is about learning from each other... Once again thanks so much... I can't wait to tell our class tomorrow about our new comments... Lara Bishop (preschool teacher)

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Krispy Kreme Doughnut Fundraiser

Our Krispy Kreme doughnut fundraiser has kicked off and will end on Thursday January 19, 2012 and will follow Friday with a Pizza party for every child that sold ten or more certificates. You still have time to work and make that sale. Remember that your profit will go towards your graduation if you are in 4-K. If not you will be helping us fund our graduation/end of the year program. Thanks to all that helped...

In 4-K we're always up to something! Look to see what we've been doing!

Fall Nursery Rhyme Program

Thanksgiving Dinner for families and friends!

Our pumpkin decorating contest was a huge success. I was so impressed with the pumpkins.
Each pumpkin had to be decorated from a childrens book. Jd Devitt one first place with The Three Little Pigs.

A Baby Changes Everything Annual Christmas Program
We have been so busy the last few months... I want to add a few pictures to show you some of the things that we've been doing. For more pictures see SmallWonders on Facebook...

4-K Nursery Rhyme Program 2011

Our class took several nursery rhyme characters and played the part of each one of them. Each child had a nursery rhyme to say and act out in costume... The children had a blast learning these and at the end every student knew every nursery rhyme. What a great way to learn... 

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Dr. Strange I Owe It To You!

I must say that when I first thought about adding a computer to my classroom I had many doubts and fears and now I wouldn't have it any other way. At the University of South Alabama I had the pleasure of meeting what I would call a technological hero to me. He introduced me to so many new and exciting aspects of technology. Several of my friends have questioned me about EDM 310 and how hard the class was. Going into the class I was frightened and you should be. I say this because if you take this class lightly you will never get through it. I must back that up by saying you learn so much in EDM 310 that when you are finally finished you want more. I would love to have another level to the class and learn even more. Look at me now blogging away in my preschool class. I owe this is to Dr. Strange... Thank you so much Dr. Strange for being so excited about technology and teaching us students about it in a way that will stay with us forever. My 4k class now has a desktop in our class and we have access to four laptops. We are taking donations of more computers as we would love to one day have an entire computer lab to offer. Above you can see some of my very own students learning... Making learning exciting is so important and with technology and of course Dr. Strange we can do that. Dr. Strange taught me that you should never pass up a teaching moment!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

School Days, School Days

School Days, School Days

We are going into our fourth  week of 4-K and I am so very proud of each one of my student's. They have already surprised me with their learning. I learned a huge lesson last week with two of my student's. Sometimes we seem to underestimate things and I definitely did with these two, but believe me they proved me wrong. One even brought me to tears as he jumped up and ran to the board and recited an entire poem on our word wall. It wasn't that I thought he couldn't do it but he was just having a hard time settling in and getting adjusted to the change. I learned that every moment is a teaching moment. I had no idea that he was even paying attention to me and he was. What a great lesson learned. The past few weeks we have been learning about ourselves (All About Me) and our school and our school workers. We've been learning the letter P and T, new songs, colors, numbers, finger plays, and so much more. Friday our class had a brownie party as a reward for learning our word wall poem of the week.  We added new pets to our classroom. We now have 2 turtles and a hamster named Candy. The children voted and named her themselves. Last week we had an awesome computer donated and we are very excited to start using it. Thanks Mark and Terri Zirlott! We now need more learning cd roms if anyone has any that they would like to donate. Once again a huge thanks to the parents for being involved. We have had so many supplies brought it and I appreciate that so much. If you want to be a part of our classroom activities you are so very welcome to do so. Just contact me and we can schedule something. I am open for all new ideas. I would also like to thank Ms. Bambi for all of her hard work in our classroom. She is always right there when we need her and the children just love her already. Keep checking on here for upcoming news. 

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Open House

Welcome To 4-K I am super excited to share this year with you and your precious child.

Our crafts table at Open House. Check out our art wall outside of our class for your childs portrait that he/she colored.

News around the school is that our kids rocked the house! Yes!

Our Classroom! Come on in and find your seat! 
Thank you so much to everyone who came out and shared a very special evening with us at open house. It was great meeting so many new students and parents and other family. It was awesome watching each child interact with their new classmates. After weeks of practicing with Kyle and myself I must say that our class rocked the stage. Below I am adding some of the pictures that I took at Open house. Once again thanks for coming out and being a part of the beginning of your child's education. This is such a huge stepping stone into the rest of their future!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

    Ten Commitments For Parents
    Just something to share with my parents!
  1. I will always love and respect my child for who he is and not who I want him to be.

  2. I will give my child space - to grow, to dream, to succeed and even sometimes to fail.

  3. I will create a loving home environment and show my child that she is loved, whenever and however I can.

  4. I will, when discipline is necessary, let my child know that I disapprove of what he does, not who he is.

  5. I will set limits for my child and help her find security in the knowledge of what is expected of her.

  6. I will make time for my child and cherish our moments together, realizing how important - and fleeting - they are.

  7. I will not burden my child with emotions and problems he is not equipped to deal with, remembering that I am the parent and he is the child.

  8. I will encourage my child to experience the world and all its possibilities, guiding her in its ways and taking pains to leave her careful but not fearful.

  9. I will take care of myself physically and emotionally, so that I can be there for my child when he needs me.

  10. I will try to be the kind of person I want my child to grow up to be - loving, fair-minded, moral, giving and hopeful.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

4K Open House

                Small Wonders Open House 
August 16, 2011, Tuesday 
6:00 p.m.
We will meet in the classroom and then move 
to the gym for a program to end the Summer program.
I can't wait to meet each new face and wonderful parents.
This is a fun filled night filled with everything you need to 
know about 4-K... 
** This is the final date. Sorry for any inconvenience***